Who can apply

The only eligible research teams (made of one or more researchers) for HERMES-TARI are those that conduct their research activity in the EU Member States (Austria, Belgium, the Republic of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia and United Kingdom) other than Germany, or in the Associated States (*). They must be entitled to disseminate or arrange dissemination of the knowledge generated under the project carried out at the Infrastructure (exception may be made for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - SMEs - teams). Furthermore, their interest should lie in doing research with the HERMES spectrometer.

Users can either apply for access to HERMES to carry out new measurements, or join existing research activities.

(*) for the purpose of this contract, Associated States are 3 candidate countries: Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey and 5 non-candidate countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Israel, Norway and Switzerland.


How to apply

Eligible researchers wishing to have access to HERMES will be required to submit to HERMES written Proposals describing the work that they wish to carry out and all information requested in the HERMES-TARI Application Form. The applications will be done according to the Call for Proposals, issued once per year. The Call for Proposals will be publicized through the HERMES website (http://www-hermes.desy.de) and with the tools used by the HadronPhysics I3 Project to disseminate knowledge and give information about the activities .

Applications must be sent by mail to the following address:

Dr. Elke-Caroline Aschenauer
D- 22603 Hamburg

or by fax to the following number:

Fax: +49-40-8998-4034

Proposals can be submitted any time during the contract period. However the Proposals submitted after the deadline will be considered in the following Call for Proposals period.


Call for proposals and deadlines

Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron: HERMES

European Community

Transnational Access to Research Infrastructures

"Strongly Interacting Matter" (acronym: "HadronPhysics")

1st Call for Proposals

The HERMES-experiment at DESY, Germany has been financed by the European Commission to give access to researchers from 1/1/2004 to 31/12/2006, whithin the Integrated Intrastructures Initiative "Strongly Interacting Matter" (acronym: "HadronPhysics"). This contract includes the opportunity for European research groups, performing or planning a research activity at HERMES, to 

Apply for EC funded access to HERMES

to cover subsistence and travel expenses. 

The only eligible research teams (made of one or more researchers) are those that conduct their research activity in the EU Member States, other than Germany, or in the Associated States. 

Proposals must be submitted in writing by using the HERMES-TARI Application Form. They must describe the research project that the group wishes to carry out at HERMES, including the number of researchers involved, the duration of the project and the research facility of interest. Submitted proposals will be evaluated on the basis of scientific merit and interest for the European Community by a Users Selection Panel of international experts. The results will be communicated to the Group Leaders. Applications must be sent by 30 September 2004 to: 

Dr. Elke-Caroline Aschenauer
D- 22603 Hamburg
or by fax to the following number: 49-40-8998-4034
More information can be obtained here
e-mail: E.C.Aschenauer, S.Krohn

Next Calls for Proposals
Calls for Proposals Deadlines for submission Estimated dates of decision
1 June 2004 30 September 2004 October 2004
15 December 2004 15 January 2005 February 2005
01 January 2006 01 March 2006 May 2006
01 July 2006 01 September 2006 October 2006
01 January 2007 01 March 2007 May 2007

Future calls will be issued once or twice per year depending on the finance situation


Financial Support

The financial support will be provided by the European Commission through DESY. Approved requests will be financed on a per day basis. 52 Euro per day for the first 3 days all following days 41 Euro per day for travles below 30 days. If trips are longer than 30 days the per diem is 41 Euro per day starting from the first day. Travel expenses will be reimbursed (economy fares only). DESY administrative rules will be applied.

Evaluation procedure

Eligible researchers and/or projects wishing to have access to HERMES within the TARI are selected on the basis of scientific merit by the User Selection Panel (USP). The Panel is formed by 5 members: 3 external members and two internal members, chosen on the basis of their internationally recognized experience.

USP duties include the monitoring of the progress of the approved projects and of the TARI contract at large. At the completion of a project, the USP also examines the final reports, which, along with the published results, constitute the main deliverables. Published results obtained within the TARI programme, should explicitly quote it.

Communication of the evaluation result will be sent to the Group Leader.

The entire scientific program of HERMES is evaluated twice a year by an International Scientific Committee. The Committee is formed by 13 members chosen among the prominent scientists in the national and international community and by the DESY Directors. The mission of the Committee is to monitor the progress of the ongoing experiments, to evaluate and recommend new experimental proposals to be carried out at the Lab and to examine the Lab short and long term plans.

Other more specialized Committees are also enforced, in order to guarantee access to the facilities, following the principle of scientific excellency, transparency, fairness and impartiality.


DESY / HERMES structure and services

DESY includes the Research Divisions, for High Energy Physics and Synchrotron radiation, the Accelerator Division and the Administrative Department, for a total of about 1200 staff persons. External visitors to DESY amount to about other 2000 persons/year. External users can take advantage of all the services and structures of the lab. These include:

Inside DESY are also available: visitor information services, news release, on-site training, free German language courses for foreigners; video and photo laboratory, activity documentation, video and CD production.
The international office (IO) and the recruitment office are able to support fellows, associates, students and foreign guests, in particular for reception, housing, enquiries and application forms.
Several guesthouses are available for users.
The DESY area hosts a travel office, and a canteen for personnel and users.
Besides public transportation, DESY provides a free bus shuttle service during day time (8.00 - 16.00) to the external experimental halls