List of ITTI Project Titles and Sites

Sites are listed in alphabetical order, for ease of cross-referencing between various ITTI lists. The Project outlines will be found in the NISSBB Section given.

    NISSBB  SITE          TITLE

     H7B1   Barts         IT Training Within the Teaching of
                          Clinical Skills 

     H7B2   Bath          Training Support for the ISI Data

     H7B29  Bath          Training Support for the BIDS-EMBASE
                          Data Service

     H7B3   Bristol       Educational Technology Enabling Service

     H7B4   Cardiff       IT Training Partnerships with
                          Commercial Organisations 

     H7B5   Dundee        Hypertext and Multimedia Based Training

     H7B6   Durham        Computer Based Introductory IT Skills

     H7B7   Edinburgh     UNIX Help for Users

     H7B23  Edinburgh     X Windows Training Project

     H7B28  Essex         Use of ESRC Data Archive's Information
                          Retrieval System

     H7B26  Exeter        Networking Courses and Training

     H7B8   Glasgow       Multimedia Authoring Skills in Higher

     H7B9   Hull          Multimedia Based IT Training for

     H7B10  Kent          UNIX Documentation in Hypertext Form

     H7B11  Lancaster     Online Training Materials for Ingres

     H7B12  Leicester     ARC/INFO Training and GIS Tutorials

     H7B13  LSE           The Training of Computer Centre

     H7B14  Loughborough  Guidelines for Training Materials

     H7B20  Manchester Training Materials for Finite Element

     H7B15  Manchester    Visualisation and Computer Graphics

     H7B16  Newcastle     Relational Database Self-Teaching
                          Especially Ingres and Oracle 

     H7B27  Newcastle     Network Training Materials for User
                          Support Staff

     H7B17  Nottingham    CAL Authoring Provision : Standards
                          Environments and Training 

     H7B18  Oxford        Authoring Shell and Training for
                          Hypermedia in Language and Literature

     H7B21  Queen's, Belfast   Individualised Program for CBL
                          with Multimedia 

     H7B25  RAL           C and LaTex Training Materials

     H7B19  Southampton   Awareness of Capabilities and
                          Applications of GIS 

     H7B24  St Andrews    Production of training materials for

     H7B22  Ulster        Training and PC Based Support Tutorials
                          for Statistical Applications 

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