Agenda for Release and Plenary  Meeting, DESY, Feb. 21 - 22, 2005

Monday, 21:       09-12:30   Release meeting               

                             Craig Shearer:   SDME's from hydrogen and deuterium targets for the 96-00 data taking periods.

                            Armine Rostomyan:   SSA for exclusive rho0 from transversely polarised target.

                             14-15:30   Plenary / Paper review       

                            Avetik Airapetian:   Summary of the exotics week.

                            Wolf-Dieter Nowak:   draft 44 on b1

                             16-       Council                             

Tuesday, 22:       Analysis meeting                

                            Arne Vandenbroucke:   Exclusive pi0 production: background subtraction studies.

                             Ivana Hristova:   Status of SSA for exclusive pi+ from transversely polarised target.

                             Mikhail Kopytin:   Status of SSA for DVCS from longitudinal polarised target.

                             13-18    Lambda-week:                     1b/4a

                                            Discussion on current+future hyperon analyses.

                             15-17    Nuclear subgroup meeting  1d/292

                             17/18-   DVCS drafting meetings     1d/292