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Agenda for DVCS Analysis Week , DESY, Mar. 21 - 24, 2005

Monday (21.03.05):

-Status DVCS on Nuclei/ (Sebastian, Hayg)
-Status MC-Data comparison for photons:
  single photons (Frank)
  pi0s (Elke)
  Status HSG for photons (Elke, Hayg)
-Recent work on the calorimeter calibration (Didi)
-Status of envisaged LTSA release in April Collabs meeting:
  Proton (Misha)
  Deuterium (Zhenyu)
9:00 - Lunch
-The latest results from the latest thesis (Dr. Bernhard Krauss)
-Are the BSA/BCA results using 2004 unpol deuterium data consistent with the Hera I results?  (Hrachya)
-Latest MC studies for the exclusive pi0 analysis (Arne)

Discussion: "Howto extract azimuthal asymmetries" or the "Moment Method against 1-Dim fit Method against 2-Dim Fit Method against unbinned fitting discussion"
Presentations by Jeroen, Paul, Zhenyu, ?, ......


9:00 -Lunch :Drafting meeting Draft-38/Draft-39

13:00 - 16:00: HERMES Analysis Meeting

16:00 - ?  Drafting meeting Draft 39
Thursday, Seminar room 5:

-Drafting meeting Draft 39

-Inspection of current version of LTSA release report

-Summary, Plans, assorted stuff