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AGENDA:   HERMES LUND Week,  July 10 - 14,  2006

Monday         bldg. 7/room 7a, 10:00 am
Main-Subject: u_v/d_v  and ubar - dbar
                       Monte Carlo improvements and tuning efforts

Alex:     detailed status report on the extraction of
u_v/d_v  and ubar - dbar
Josh:      Final results from the error scan
               ----> comparision with 2004C
               ----> is there still room to improve things, like include 2-dim histos in tuning
Elke:      How good should the LO-MC reproduce data which include all orders

Tuesday         bldg. 1b/room 4b, 10:00 am
Main-Subject:  New Delta-q / Delta-s analysis

Lara:                           new g1-analysis technics which should be used for Delta-q
Dominik:                     F2 and a new fit to the world data on sigma_0
Yoshi Imazu:               Global NLO analysis of inclusive and semi-inclusive data

Polina and Josh:              Results on new asymmetries and asymmetries with relaxed cuts
Shojun and Yuri S.:     Results isoscaler Delta_s analysis using the Kshort
G.V.  Meshcheryakov:  " Difference asymmetries from 96 and 97 data: status of analysis"

Wednesday      bldg. 7/room 7a, 10:00 am
Main-Subject:  New Delta-q / Delta-s analysis

Rodolfo Sassot:            NLO-QCD analysis to extract Delta-q from inclusive and semi-inclusive DIS data

O.Yu. Shevchenko:    "The development of the new NLO QCD method and its application to HERMES data on pion production"
O.N.  Ivanov:        "Estimations of polarized strangeness in NLO QCD from HERMES data"  (preliminary analysis)     
A.P.  Nagaytsev      " Preliminary results on \Delta S + \Delta S-bar from  pion sum asymmetries"

bldg. 1b/room 5, 10:00 am
Main-Subject:   Fragmentation

Achim:       Review on all the results on multiplicities including the results from the isoscalar Delta-s analysis
Maria:        First view on pi0 reults

Simon Albino:  The new AKK fragmentation functions and what does e+e- data tell us on flavour separation

bldg. 1b/room 4b, 10:00 am

Review on answer to question which came up during the week