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/group02/rcoilgrp/Recoil_Week_2006 AGENDA:   HERMES Recoil Week,  September 11-15,  2006


Monday 11.9.2006   Detector Design      SR 7a     Chair: M.Dueren

9:00  Detector Overview                                R. Kaiser
       Why was the detector built as it was?
       History and Prehistory of the Recoil

 9:45  Silicon Detector                                 J. Stewart
       Selection of Sensors, readout chips,
       materials, hybrid design, mechanical
       design, gain splitting,
       readout electronics, signals

10:45  Coffee Break

11:00  Scintillating Fibre Tracker                      M. Hoek
       fibres, light guides, PTMs,
       mechanical construction, mapping,
       clusters, Gassiplex, TDC, GMS,

12:00  Photon Detector                                  C. van Hulse
       absorber, scintillator, rel. thickness,
       strip width, fibre readout, PMTs, GMS,

Afternoon: Working Groups in SR7a, SR5, HERMES Mtg Room

14:00  Si Analysis Working Group     SR7a                A.Mussgiller

14:00  SciFi Analysis Working Group  SR5                 M.Ehrenfried

16:00  Tracking Working Group        HERMES Mtg. Room    S.Yaschenko

Tuesday 12.9.2006   Detector Performance  SR 7a        Chair: R.Kaiser

For each detector from raw data to input for
tracking and PID : Spectra, wire maps, gain
correction, calibration, clustering algorithms,
where in the software chain happens what, data
output, which variable in which table holds what.

 9:00  Silicon Detector                                A. Mussgiller

10:15  Coffee Break

10:30  Scintillating Fibre Tracker                     T.Keri/R.Benito Perez

11:15  Photon Detector                                 C. van Hulse

Afternoon: Working Groups in SR7a, SR3, HERMES Mtg Room
Wednesday 13.9.2006   Reconstruction    SR 4b         Chair: N.N.

 9:00  Tracking I                                      S. Yaschenko
       Introduction to different tracking methods,
       V.Bryzgalov's method in detail,
       Status of Alignment

10:00  Tracking II                                     G. Hill
       Tracking in magnetic field, recent results

10:45  Coffee Break

11:00  XTC                                             A. Mussgiller

11:45  Feedback                                        All

Afternoon: Working Groups in SR4b, SR5, HERMES Mtg Room


Thursday 14.9.2006     Analysis         SR 2         Chair: N.N.

 9:00  DVCS Analysis at HERMES                         D. Zeiler

10:00  Coffee Break

10:15  A first look at new DVCS data                   C. Riedl

11:00  PID Discussion                                  All

12:00  Feedback                                        All

Afternoon: Working Groups in SR2, SR5, HERMES Mtg Room

Evening: Carribean Night at DESY

Friday 15.9.2006       Working Group Reports  MEA     Chair: R. Kaiser

 9:00  Si Analysis Working Group Report               A. Mussgiller

10:00  SFT Analysis Working Group Report              M. Ehrenfried

11:00  Coffee Break

11:15  Tracking Working Group Report                  S. Yaschenko

12:00  Feedback, Discussions, Plans                   All