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HERMES Transversity Week, June 19 - 23, 2006


Monday:     - unbinned fitting    
                         -> implementation by all analyzers

Tuesday:    - gmc_trans    
                         - Status
                         - How to use?
                         - wish list
                - multi-parameter fitting of Sivers (and Collins) amplitudes
                         -> gmc_trans challenge
                         -> analysis of real data
                         -> implementation (attempt) by Luciano & Markus
                TMC -- does the 2005 data remains to be a puzzle?

Wednesday:      Status report Lu
                         Status report Paul
                         quo vadis 2-hadron fragmentation?
                 in parallel:
                         paper drafting draft 64
                         Anton-Francesca cross check
                         gmc_trans usage Luciano, Markus

Thursday:     cos n\phi analysis
                         -> Francesca (+Anton) status report
                         -> strategy discussion

                 2-hadron analysis cross check
                 paper drafts 64 and 65

Friday:     results of this week (fit implementations, cross checks etc)
                  open issues
                         -> plans until Collab Meeting
                         -> plans beyond Collab Mtg. (e.g., Spin 2006)

paper drafting