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Agenda for Transversity Week , DESY, May. 30 - Jun 03, 2005

Monday, 30.05.05, bldg.1/r.1
10:00 status of transversity analysis subgroup	(Gunar)
- open (known) problems
- manpower
- upcoming papers
< discussion >
14:00 Seminar by Fetze Pijlman about SSA in SIDIS
(The emphasis will be on gauge links, universality and other
 things experimentalists usually don't dare to ask about;)
15:00 discussion
16:00 A_UT pi^0 asymmetries
Tuesday,  31.05.05, bldg. 1b/4b
16:00     P_h\perp weighting -- quo vadis?
          (status and ideas)

Wednesday, 01.06.05, bldg 1b/4a , 1b/4b afternoon
10:00     A_LU in interference fragmentation	(Tomo)
A_UT in interference fragmentation (Paul)
11:00 gmc_trans: - subleading twist in gmc_trans (Gunar)
(cos\phi, sin\phi_S, A_LT)
- do we need gmc_trans for IFF?
- P_h\perp weighted XSections in gmc_trans
16:00 A_UT one-hadron analysis (Uli, Markus, Gunar)
- pi^0 (results from discussion of monday)
- quantify systematic effects from cos(n\phi) in \sigma_UU using
- can we extract sin\phi_S moment of A_UT?
17:30 W. Kugler: Exclusive channels in semi-inclusive production of pions and kaons (1b/4a)
Thursday, 02.06.05, bldg. 1/r.1

09:00     VM contribution to pion sample

- A_UT for exclusive rho --> transfer to pions (Ami)

- a "rho-free" asymmetry:
\Delta \sigma_UT^{\pi^+} - \Delta \sigma_UT^{\pi^-}
\sigma_UT^{\pi^+} - \sigma_UT^{\pi^-}

--> does our measured Sivers effect survive?
          (status and ideas)
16:00     A_UT in interference fragmentation (integration over P_h\perp
complete at HERMES?)
17:00 P_h\perp weighted asymmetries - answers to questions/ideas of
morning session

Friday, 03.06.05, bldg. 7/ r.7 (former guesthouse 7, next to cantine)
10:00     Fitting of asymmetries at HERMES
	- Jeroen's latest studies

15:00 summary/outlook/strategy/AOB

afterwards paper drafting meetings