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Agenda for Vector Meson Week at DESY, Sep 12 - 16, 2005

Monday 12 September, 10:00, room 1, bld. 1b:

Alexander Borissov: Introduction
Bohdan Marianski: Studies of rho^0 SDMEs
Alexander Borissov:  Studies of rho^0 SDMEs
Sergey Manaenkov: Transition Amplitutes from rho^0 SDMEs
        ("Direct extraction of amplitudes of diffractive $\rho$
          meson production in DIS")
Jeroen Dreshler: Alternative approach to maximum likelihood
---> Discussion of rho^0 SDMEs analysis

Tuesday 13 September, 15:00, room 1, bld. 1b:

Witold Augustyniak: SDMEs of exclusive phi meson production
---> Discussion of phi SDMEs analysis
Andrew Osborne:  Ratios of exclusive vector meson production on H and D
Ami Rostomyan: ( up to you...)
---> Discussion of VM ratios analysis
Norik Akopov: rho^0 corrections for pion attenuation on Kr and Xe
Alexander Borissov: Direct measurement of b_L and b_T slopes of rho^0 (?)

Wednesday, 14 September, 10:00, room 1, bld. 1b:

...can be used for mor detailed discussion
Thursday, 15 September, 10:00, room 1, bld. 1b:

Summary of rho^0 SDMEs studies,
Summary of cross section ratios,
Summary: open questions, list to do, upcoming releases and papers.