HERMES Collaboration Dinner

Feb 28, 2007 - 8.00 pm


                                       Where:     "Einstein", Bahrenfeld

                                       Address:   Bahrenfelder Chausse 45, 22761 Hamburg
                                                           Phone:      040/89 07 01 01

                                                           How to reach by bus: line 2 (direction Altona)
                                                                                        enter Luruper Chausse (DESY), (EUR 1,55)
                                                                                        leave Von-Sauer-Strasse (only 6 minutes drive)
                                                                                        follow bus direction for a few meters, right hand
                                                                                        is "Restaurant Einstein"  
                                                                                        Find a map on the white board in 1e or (try to)


                                                          What is offered?      Pizza, Pasta, Meat, Cocktails

                                                                                                 Open dinner this time. we have reserved places but

                                                                                                 food will be served à la carte!!!!