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Lambda Meeting   (Wednesday afternoon)

     Denis   "Spin-transfer from longitudinally polarized target KLL to the
                  L-hyperon in photoproduction (final)" (20+10 min)
                  for release in April
     Yuriy   "Spin-transfer from transversely polarized target KNN to the
                  L-hyperon in photoproduction (first estimations)" (15+10)
     Martin   "Transverse Lambda polarization from a transversely polarized
                  target (first results)" (15+10)
Lund Meeting   (Monday afternoon)
     Polina   "Special studies on the Delta-q Millennium Edition"                 15 + 5 min
     Josh     "Early Results from the Delta-q Millennium Edition Analysis"    30 + 10min
     Alex      Results on uv/dv and ubar - dbar                                            40 + 10min
                  for release in April
     Achim   Dependence of the unfolding on the MC-gen cuts                   30 + 10min
     Galina   Bose-Einstein Condensation in pion production                  20 + 10 min
                  for release in April
     Maria    News on pi0 multiplicities                                                      20 + 5 min
     Dominik: Fits to the world data of F2 and our own F2 extraction         30 + 10min
     Christof Hendlmeier: NLO calculations for pion pairs with high pt        30 + 10min
                                    to extract Delta-G
     Hal        News from DC66 on the isoscalar Delta-s extraction          15 + 10min

Nuclear Meeting   (Tuesday afternoon)

     Yves van Haarlem, "p_T Broadening in Nuclei" (for release)

Exotics Meeting   (Wednesday morning)
     W. Deconinck  "Theta+ analysis on transversely polarized hydrogen and
                               update of our statistics on Deuteron/Hydrogen 2006 "  30'+20'

DVCS Meeting   (Monday morning)
Xianguo    Status of A_LU combined analysis on the proton    40+10
Zhenyu Status of A_UT combined analysis 30+10
Misha Refinements for the LTSA paper 15+5
Hayg Refinements for the Nuclear paper 15+5
Hongxue Status of Freund & McDermott code 30+10
Exclusive mesons Meeting   (Tuesday morning)
     Ami: A_UT for exclusive rho and L/T separation - part I (45'+15')
     Jeroen: A_UT for exclusive rho and L/T separation - part II (45'+15')
                    for release in April
     Steve:  A_UT for exclusive phi and Target Magnet Corrections (20'+10')
     Delia:  Exclusive pi+ cross section - final results (45'+15')

Transversity Meeting   (Tuesday afternoon)
     Rebecca: MC studies for the RICH and PIDLIB
     ("On the way to an event-level RICH PID")
     Francesca: Update on cos(n\phi) analysis (20+10)
Update on g2/A_LT analysis (20+10)
     Xiaorui: 2-hadron SIDIS on a transversely pol. target (20+10)
     Markus & Luciano: Status on the Collins and Sivers extraction (45+15)
                    for release in April

Vector Meson Meeting   (Thursday afternoon)
      W.Augustyniak "phi-meson SDMEs" 20+10
      V.Plotnikov "Cross check of phi-meson SDMEs" 20+10 

Paper Review Meeting   (Thursday morning)
Klaus    DC21: Transverse Lambda polarization      5 min
Sasha DC24: SDME long paper 10 min
Cynthia DC26: Exclusive pi+ cross-section 20 min
Norik DC52: Nuclear attenuation long paper 10 min
Elke DC63: Delta-G/G 20 min
Gunar DC64: Inteference fragmentation function 10 min
Hal DC66: Isoscalar delta-s extraction 20 min
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