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Recoil Meeting   (Monday early morning)
  Sergey:       Tracking and alignment       20+10'
  David:         Tracking                            20+10'
  Inti:             DER                                  10+10'
  Fidi:            MC                                   10+10'
  9:40-9:50 Coffee break
  Andreas     SSD Update and plans         10+10'
  Weilin:       SFT calibration                     10+10'
  Charlotte:   PD calibration                      10+10'
  Roberto:    Detector efficiency                20+10'

Exotics Meeting   (Monday  morning)

    S. Wang            "A Target Magnetic Correction Code with 3D Measured Field Map Applied
                              on Transverse Polarized Data and 06b2 Data"                       20min
    S. Wang            "Theta+/Theta- With HERMES Data"                                    20min
   W. Deconinck   "Search for Theta+ signal  in 2002-2007 HERMES data"         40min
    S. Wang            "Evidence of a decay K^-  --> pi^-X --> pi^-e^+e^-"            20min

Lund Meeting   (Monday afternoon)
     Polina & Josh   Update on the millenium Delta-q analysis      60 min
    Achim               Multiplicities ready for publication                 45 min
    Dominik            Status on the F2 analysis.                             40 min
    Alex Linden-Levy  Status of dv/uv analysis                            45 min

Exclusive mesons Meeting   (Monday afternoon)
     Ami:   Monte Carlo studies for AUT extraction in exclusive rho0 production   (30'+15')
     Jeroen:  AUT and SDMEs for a polarized target in exclusive rho0 production  (30'+15')

Transversity Meeting   (Tuesday morning)
      Alexandre:      g2/A2               20 mins
      Slava:             A_LT               20 mins
      Riccardo/Xiaorui:   IFF           30 mins
      Rebecca:        RICH PID        15 mins
      Francesca:      cos(n\phi)          20 mins

DVCS Meeting   (Tuesday afternoon)
Gordon Status of analysis
Status of analysis
Discussion: Photons in Calorimeter 20+10
Ignazio Status of analysis 10+10
Hongxue Status of Freund & McDermott code 20+10
Brief review of systematics for DC68 20 min
Release Meeting   (Wednesday morning)
Galina     Bose-Einstein correlations in hadron pair production
Steve Sivers moments of AUT for phi production
Paper Review Meeting   (Wednesday afternoon)
Klaus    DC-21: Transverse Lambda polarization      5 min
 A. Hillenbrand
DC-19: Status towards first full draft 15'
A. Borissov 
DC-24: Lots of progress towards 2nd circ. 30'
D. Hasch 
DC-47: Status towards first full draft 15'
C. Riedl
DC-67   Status towards first full draft 15'  
Z. Ye DC-68  Status towards 2nd circ.
H. Jackson
DC-66 Status towards 2nd circ. 15'   
J. Stewart
Items not covered in the main meeting
A. Fantoni
Summary of running
N.C.R. Makins
Plans for analysis weeks / collab mtgs
W.D. Nowak
Report from the editorial board
V. Prahl
E. Kinney
Report from the nominating committee

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