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AGENDA:   HERMES VM Week,  November 6 - 10,  2006

Monday      bldg. 7/room 7a, 14:00 am
Main-Subject: Status of rho^0 SDMEs analysis
A new order of SDMEs: who is who, Comparison of HERMES and H1&ZEUS SDMEs,Monte Carlo simulations,Background subtraction, Estimate of systematic uncertainties,R(Q2)-dependence,Systematic studies done until now; (Bohdan and me will subdivide those items in two talks)
S.Manayenkov:     Natural and unnatural parity exchange amplitudes of rho^0 meson production

Tuesday         bldg. 7/room 7a, 9:00
Main-Subject:  Phi meson SDMEs, Monte Carlo, Asymmetry on transversely polarized target

W.Augustyniak:        SDMEs of exclusive phi meson production
V.Plotnikov:              Progress report of exclusive phi meson production

A.Rostomyan:            Update rhoMC generator in version r23

A.Airapetian: :          A_UT of exclusive rho^0 production
J.Dreshler:           A_UT of exclusive rho^0 production (to be confirmed)

Wednesday      bldg. 7/room 7a, 10:00 am
Main-Subject: Theoretical topics

S.Goloskokov:    Diffractive vector meson leptoproduction and GPDs
M.Diehl:            Summary of the discussion with theorists in Regensburg

A.Borissov:       Summary of the VM-week

Thursday, Friday          
HERMES meeting room from 9:00
Main-Subject: DC-24 meetings