cos(nφ) analysis

Welcome to the HERMES cos(nφ) analysis page! Here you can explore the HERMES cos(nφ) result by projecting them in different kinematic regions.

About this data

The cos(nφ) paper describing this data can be found on the arXiv and PRD.

The data files in multi-dimensional bins can be found here and the covariance matrices here.

Analyze the data

On each of the pages linked below you will find a graphical description of the kinematic range of the measurements made for all hadrons, pions, and kaons respectively. After selecting your kinematic range of interest, you can project the results to produce figures similar to those in the paper. Projections are done in the selected kinematic range for all data sets that are statistically richer than the data set used to create the graphcal description, as indicated for each page below. In addition, text files of the projected results are provided.
Please note that, at this time, the projected results include only the statistical uncertainties, and do NOT include systematic uncertainties.

Hadrons and Pions
Hadrons, Pions, and Kaons

Access to the data

For further information about this data please contact:

To obtain the result from each kinematic bin individually, please go to:
The Durham HEP database
Or contact

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