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DAD (Distributed Adamo Database is an extension to Adamo, an entity relationship database library developed at Cern.

Dad's main purpose is to make Adamo data available between different processes and different machines on the network. It's data exchange format can however be used to write and read from sequential files at a much higher i/o rate than the generic Adamo ZEBRA i/o drivers.

This document shall enable you as a user of Dad - namely a C or F77 programmer - to use the dad library functions for writing Dad servers and Dad clients. It will also show you a subset of Adamo functions, that will be useful for writing normal clients.

There is also an easy to use tcl interface to Adamo and Dad named PinK. Look up the reason for this name and the documentation to this very useful tool here.

You can select one of the following items:
A short introduction to Dad.
Installing Dad on your system.
Dad files
as a replacement for the standard ZEBRA FZ driver.
Dad pipes
as a interprocess Dad data stream.
The Client/Server Model in Dad
for distributed usage of common Adamo data.
The Dad Message system
as a special Client/Server application.
List of the dad... libary routines.
List of the dad error codes.
Selected list of useful internal routines.
Description of the parser syntax.
an record filter/mixer and file converter is also part of dad.
For users of the Dad message system
(hermes slow control) there exists the Developers Edition for a quick start.

This document refers to version 1.50 PL0 of dad.

Changes since 1.40
Changes since 1.35
Changes since 1.30
Changes since 1.20
Changes since 1.10
Changes since 1.00

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