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Wenn Quarks Pirouetten drehen

Als Einstieg für den Nicht-Physiker in die interessante Welt der Forschung bei HERMES empfehlen wir die Kurzeinführung:
Hermes in fünf Minuten sowie einen Artikel der Süddeutschen Zeitung: "Wenn Quarks Pirouetten drehen".

The data are rolling in!

How much data have we collected?
Our summary plots of total polarized data collection during HERA RUN I are available in
postscript and gif format.
Our summary plot of total polarized data collected since 2002 postscript format.
Plot showing the polarisation in HERA with the rotators around HERMES, H1 and ZEUS simultaneous in operation and colliding beams

Recent physics results from HERMES

You are invited to read our most recent
publications and our public abstracts for subatomic aficinados.

Transnational Access to the Research Infrastructure HERMES via I3HP in FP6

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