NetMex at HERMES


NetMex is the software that is used for communication between the DESY accelerators and the 4 HERA experiments.

Published Variables

The HERMES NetMex server is called HERMEX and at this time runs on the computer lxher1. It has the following variables:

NetMex Keywords contained in the HERMEX server
Name short Description
HXSpMCur Hermes spectrometer magnet and compensation coil currents
HXTgMCur Hermes target magnet current
HXTgDens Hermes calculated target density
HXLonPol Longitudinal Polarization in percent with error
HXBunPol Bunch Polarization in percent with error
HXVacPr Vacuum Pressures at Hermes Target Pumpstands 1-5
HXLumRat Hermes electron luminosity
HXLumRio Lumi right/left ratio
HXChrgSc Charged particle rates in tuning scintillator
HXPhotSc Photon rates in tuning scintillator
HXTrgRat Hermes main physics trigger rate
HXPVCoin Proton veto trigger coincidence rate
HXPVeto NEW Proton veto trigger rate
HXPovDIS Proton over DIS trigger rate
HXDaqSta Data acquisition status
HXRunSta Hermes run status
HXRunNum Hermes run number

These variables are contained in a C-style (pseudo-) header file hermes.h.

NetMex at HERA and the other experiments

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