New features in WWW for HERMES

Jan 19th, 1996:

General update of the homepage. Cleanup of piled up collections of links. (complains to Dueren)

June 11th, 1995:

Redesign of the homepage and creation of a consistent structure. Cleanup of piled up collections of links.

February 6th, 1995:

We are starting a adamo beginners guide on our system. Feel free to have a look into it. It is mainly intended for hermes members to access the adamo event stream.

November 13th, 1994:

An online copy of the plotime graphic display (postscript format) of the last hour of polarimeter operation is now available. This display is updated every minute, a timestamp is displayed within the graphic. To view it, click here.

If it doesn't work, contact me, I'll try to fix it then.

November 10th, 1994:

The current status of the HERA machine is now available online.

October 30th, 1994:

A local copy of the adamo reference manual is now available for faster access.

October 26th, 1994:

A LateX manual is installed on the server.

October 11th, 1994:

The Unixhelp manual is now available online to reduce the long response times.

July 19th, 1994:

German-English and English-German dictionaries are included in the hermes home page

June 6rd, 1994:

Hermes offline software can now be downloaded using Mosaic.

June 3rd, 1994:

Major revision of the Hermes WWW pages esp. concerning the physics analysis groups.

Mar. 14th, 1994:

Include Hamburg social life information on the HERMES home page

Feb. 7th, 1994:

Include a UNIX tutorial on the HERMES home page

Dec. 23th, 1993:

Include a list of email addresses for each of the hermes mailing lists (see helpme computer mail)

Nov. 21th, 1993:

The links to the cern software documentation on the hermes software page has been updated (GEANT, HBOOK, ...). A link to an englih dictionry on the homepage was insstalled.

Nov. 15th, 1993:

Some of the documents have been translated from latex to html.

Nov. 12th, 1993:

The main HERMES pages including the homepage have been revised.

Nov. 11th, 1993:

New is that there will be this page which informs you about new features in the HERMES WWW pages in future.