(formerly "Ellabadi" formerly "Zulauf")

Attention: last time we wanted to go there on 30/09/2004 it had gone bankrupt... Let's check it again! I saw it has re-opened

Pub and restaurant

Barnerstraße 10a, Ottensen, Tel. 3903347
Mon-Thu 11:00-1:00
Fri+Sat 11:00-2:00

They want you to feel comfortable in the restaurant; very nice and friendly owner.

Beverages (e.g.)

Food (e.g.)

This place is famous for it's "Aufläufe". "I think there is no such word for it in English".(Larry)
No matter what they are called, they are good! Here you have such a big variety to chose from. You can even order your own creation.


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